batiment-multiplast-vannesMultiplast extends its premises in the Port of Vannes


In order to keep up with a developing market – the construction of big high-tech yachts and industrials components made of composite materials – Multiplast is setting up its new production unit in the Port of Vannes (French Atlantic coast). The company's working surface area will be increased more than two-fold in a building located just 200 metres upstream from the current yard, in the heart of a nautical centre in the full throes of development.
Gilles Ollier : " ...Over the last few years, we have been getting short on space all round. The yard had been designed 20 years ago for 25 people but there are now 50 of us working here on a daily basis. If we were to be able to meet the demand and retain the advantage we have in our sector of the market, we had to extend and adapt our working tool...".

equipage-geronimoIt's done for Geronimo!


Thursday morning 20 March 2003, at 4 h 58 min and 11s GMT (5h 58'11" French time), the 34-m maxi trimaran Geronimo built by Multiplast and designed by Marc Van Peteghem & Vincent Lauriot-Prevost, crossed the finishing line of the Jules Verne Trophy near Ushant island after 68 days 1 hour 58 minutes 2 seconds at sea.
Though he failed to take back his trophy, skipper Olivier de Kersauzon and his 10 crew members established the second best time of the Jules Verne Trophy behind maxi catamaran Orange designed by the Gilles Ollier Design Team and built by Multiplast.



vue-aerienne-de-gronimoGeronimo in the wake of Orange

Geronimo is expected on the Jules Verne Trophy finishing ligne, between Ushant Island (F) and the Lizard Point (UK), in the middle of this week.
Actually, Olivier de Kersauzon and his crew are stopped by a huge anticyclone on the North Atlantic. Orange keeps her title.


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