groupe-thales ©thales_simu_2(2)T.T.S. (THALES TRAINING SIMULATIONS) has sought the collaboration of MULTIPLAST to produce the composite part of the simulators it markets.
The composite element consists of a sphere 7.50 m in diameter produced in several assembled elements. As the main design criteria are stiffness, lightness and precision, carbon/epoxy sandwich was the obvious technical choice for construction.

In fact, the simulator assembly is mounted onto six hydraulic jacks in order to be able to reproduce all of the movements made by a helicopter. The strong accelerations undergone by the simulator means that the sphere has to be very light. To avoid images on the internal surface being deformed, then it is equally important that the structure be very stiff. Lastly, so that the images transmitted by the nine projectors are superimposed perfectly, extremely fine thresholds have to be complied with during construction.

MULTIPLAST manufactured all of the carbon epoxy toolings and built the spheres in small series which were then assembled on the client's site.




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