vue general centre culturel spirituel multiplast Multiplast responsible for the manufacture of five domes atop the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Paris

More than a year ago, the internationally-renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, introduced his plans for the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Paris, to be situated on the Quai Branly. Today, the project's designs are finalized and Multiplast - Groupe Carboman started to manufacture the toolings. 

Five domes

Jean-Michel Wilmotte's vision involves four buildings: a Cathedral with five domes, a cultural centre with a concert hall, an administrative building and a bilingual school. Multiplast won the tender offered by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France Construction Privée for the conception and the realisation of the Cathedral's five domes.                                                        

Launching of Vitalia II (ex-Orange 2), François Bich's catamaran

After more than a year and 30,000 hours of work, Vitalia II is to be launched on Friday 17th of April from 16h30 in front of the Multiplast yard.

vitalia II in the Multiplast Yard


A real renaissance

In February 2014, François Bich purchased Orange 2 with the vision of transforming it from a racing boat into one a cruiser.

A year later, the Multiplast team will proceed to the launch of this catamaran which - lest it be forgotten - has broken the Atlantic and Mediterranean records, the 24-hour distance record, as well as won the prestigious Jules Verne Trophy with Bruno Peyron and his team. Thus, this tranformation is a real renaissance for a boat, which, 10 years later, still holds the third fastest time for the mythical journey around the world.


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