extension-multiplast copieRise of the aircraft sector at Multiplast, Carboman Group


In order to meet its aim of producing aircraft components, Multiplast is adding new human and technical ressources that will help it rise to the challenge :

                                                            1- A new Industrial Manager for the Carboman Group
                                                            2- A new autoclave
                                                            3- A paint facility, of grand dimensions
                                                            4- New certifications for Quality Processes
                                                            5- A new production workshop

Jean-Claude Schoepf, the Carboman Group's new Industrial Manager


jc-schoepf-multiplastJean-Claude Schoepf, who was the manager of the Airbus production plant in Nantes, has been appointed as the Carboman Group's (Multiplast and Décision SA) new Industrial Manager. He will split his time between France and Switzerland. After 26 years spent with the European plane company, Jean-Claude Schoepf is well versed in the entire aircraft industry, an expertise and network that will undoubtedly help Multiplast access the new market. For Dominique Dubois, CEO of the Carboman Group," Jean-Claude's arrival is a key step in our journey to become a key player in the aircraft components industry."





A new autoclave

Multiplast has recently installed a state-of-art new autoclave. Measuring some 42.65 ft, with a possible extension of up to 131 ft, and a diameter of 4.9 ft, this machinery has recently been certified to operate at 200°C and seven bars pressure.






A new paint facility

Multiplast's new paint facility measures 78.74 ft x 26.24 ft, making it one of the largest in the industrial world. Futhermore, it can be divides into three different spaces, thus maximizing its potential. The new facility can also be used for firings at 80°C to complete the polymerization of paints and resins.






Certification of Quality processes under way

Multiplast is in the process of receiving the  certifications ISO9001 et EN9100, recognitions of quality in processing that are a "must-have" for any entrant to the aircraft components market. Myriam Akalay, Quality Manager at Multiplast, and her team are currently working to prepare the audit that will take place at the start of 2015.


New Building for the end of  2015

A building license has been submitted to the city authority to build a new production hall and new offices. This building should be operational in December 2015. The new workshop will be dedicated to the production of aircraft components and will respect the standards demanded by the major clients in the industry sector.






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