code-zero-ollier-gillesCode Zéro, phase II

Multiplast is finishing starboard half-hulls of Code Zero, a 33-m (108-ft) catamaran designed by the Gilles Ollier Design Team for The Race. The tooling for the crossbeams is also underway.
Multiplast is finishing this week the first half-hull of Code Zero, the giant catamaran it is building for The Race to a design by the Gilles Ollier Design Team (GODT). A second half-hull is due out of the female mould by the end of August 1999. Built in pre-preg carbon (like the rest of the boat), it first must be cured under vacuum at 120°C.


6eme-sens-american-cupsixieme Sens leaves for New Zealand

After 2 months of working up in Lorient, the French challenger for the America's Cup leaves for Auckland on Aug. 21 aboard a freighter ship. Multiplast built the hull of 6e Sens and assembled the boat.
The French I.A.C.C Sixième Sens leaves for New Zealand on Saturday, Aug. 21, after two months of intensive working up in Lorient (French Atlantic coast). De-rigged (but not de-keeled) and lashed down on her cradle aboard the freighter Tampa, she will travel via Panama and reach destination in about 3 weeks.


equipe-multiplast-compositeExtension of the Multiplast yard

Multiplast to grow in order to accommodate vessels up to 50 metres (160 ft).

Multiplast Composite Yachts is extending its covered area by 1/3rd equipping it with a system of climate and hygrometry control. The main modular oven is being extended to a maximum of 50 metres (making it one of the biggest in Europe) and another oven of 20 metres will be installed, allowing the curing of large composite structures.


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