Multiplast-Groupe Carboman produces the foils for Figaro 3, the first Bénéteau boat to be fitted with these appendages.


Figaro 3

GROUPE BENETEAU, the world leader in the manufacture of cruising boats, has entrusted MULTIPLAST GROUPE CARBOMAN to build the foils for its new monotype in the Figaro Class.

Worldwide request for quotation

In the summer of 2016, Bénéteau Group launched a global  tender call to find a subcontractor able to produce the foils for its new cruising monotype designed by VPLP. The goal was ambitious, because the selected yard will have to produce two foils per week for one year, scrupulously respecting both the monotype design and in a strict economic framework.

Selected a few days before the 2016 Nautic, the knowledge of the company from Vannes, not least the technologies used in wind power by Plastinov (closed mould, resin infusion, etc.), enabled Multiplast to take up the challenge.

Samuel Napoléoni, engineer in charge of the project at Multiplast explains : "A first mould section of about 500 mm was quickly machined in order to carry out the process of validation tests. Each test took a week, we ran the process for a fortnight in order to work any "bugs" out of the construction procedure. At the beginning of the year, our objective was  to make the manufacturing process strong enough to start mass production. In parallel, we produced the moulds and worked on the ergonomics of the workstation. It provided great satisfaction when  at the end of June we took out the first four foils. At that time, we knew that we were on the right path."



Controle foils apres demoulage
Foils control afer mould release © R. Gladu/Windreport/Bénéteau

Technological collaboration

Designed by Vincent Lauriot Prévost and his team (VPLP), these foils are very innovative pieces, both in their geometry and in their manufacturing method. Vincent Lauriot Prévost tells us more : "The foam manufacturing process developed by the Carboman Group seems to us perfectly suited to the Figaro 3. Structural resistance, compliance with weight specifications and geometry go beyond our expectations. It is a fine example of collaboration between the builder, the client and the architect."

His satisfaction, is shared by Eric Ignouf, production manager of the Figaro 3 at Bénéteau : "The collaboration with the team at Multiplast was effective and constructive. Whether in terms of deadlines, the quality of the finish, or the design profile the specifications have been perfectly respected. We were also able to perform break tests, always with great results, to validate the resistance according to our calculations. In fact, I have only positive memories of this experience."

Contrle geometrique foilsGeometrical control ©R. Gladu/Windrepoprt/Bénéteau


Other Monotypes

A hundred foils will be made before the summer of 2018 to be mounted on the first 50 Figaros 3, but the Carboman Group does not intend to rest. This new manufacturing process, particularly reliable and economical, is perfectly adaptable for manufacturing foils for other monotypes, monohull or multihulls, with sail or with an engine. And so one can be sure that we have not finished seeing such pieces come out of the workshops of the Carboman Group.

 Figaro 3 Beneteau VPLP
Plan Figaro 3 © Bénéteau/ VPLP

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