Around the world in 49 days: Thomas Coville's amazing achievement with the Maxi-trimaran Sodebo


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It was a fantastic achievement by Thomas Coville, who sailled his Maxi-trimaran, Sodebo, arround the world in under 50 days, becoming the fastest person to do so and improving upon Francis Joyon's 2008 record by some seven days.

The numbers behind this outstanding exploit give some measure of just what an accomplishement this is :

        - Average speed: 24.09 knots

        - Time to circumnavigate the planet: 49 days, 3 hours, 7 mminutes and 38 seconds

        - Miles sailed: 28.400

For Multiplast Groupe Carboman, there are also some interesting numbers behind the achievement: 14 tons of composite material for a boat that is 31m long, 21m wide and has a 35m-high mast.

Beyond these numbers, of course, lies both a truly great sailor, Thomas Coville, who fulfilled his dream, as well as an amazing team that supported his project.

The project to transform Oliver de Kersauzon's old trimaran, Geronimo, into a magnificent machine capable of covering more than 700 miles in a day while being sailed single-handed relied, above all else, on teamwork. Team Sodebo, under the management of Jean Christophe Moussard and Elie Canivenc, the naval architect (VPLP) and Multiplast's technicians conceived and delivered the transformation over hundreds of hours of work and effort.




Dominique Dubois, CEO of Multiplast Groupe Carboman said of Coville's achievement: "First of all, a big "bravo" to Thomas on behalf of all Multiplast. Since the 6th November, we've checked his progression online at least ten times a day, always with a lot of admiration and emotion, but also, it has to be said, with some apprehension, such was the extent to which we were willing him on. We are very proud to have built the boat on which Thomas gave this epic performance. At Multiplast we regularly work with highly renowned sailors who have competed in marquee events like the Trophee Jules Verne, the Route du Rhum and the Volvo Ocean Race. Victory in these races is part of our compagny's DNA, but Thomas's exploit is a bit different because he has done something nobody else has ever done-break the 50-day barrier for going around the world. His achievement was simply unimaginable even seven week ago."

thomas coville brest


As he stepped ashore, Thomas Coville said of his journey that: " I prefer having set this record today, than being the guy who is going to break it tomorow!".

As all of those who came welcome Sodebo Ultim into Brest agreed, to break Coville's record will require a perfect alignement of multiple factors: A very good weather window, a big and uttlerly reliable mutihull, alot of talent and a bit of luck. It sounds like the perfect challenge for Multiplast teams, who thrive on just this type of project.

Last, but certainly not least, Sodebo, the compagny, must be congratulated for their 18 - years' worth of trust that it has placed in Thomas Coville, throught thick and thin.




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