And then there were two! J-P Dick's monohull, St Michel-Virbac, is launched


St Michel Virbac launching

J-P Dick's boat has been launched nine months after its construction commenced. St Michel-Virbac team chose to share toolings resources with Gitana Team. This agreement between these two ocean-racing teams meant that the two ships - pratically sisters - were built over the course of the year at Multiplast.

Almost sisters... 

Those boats are derived from the same mould, though with an entirely different set of plans, as J-B Mouton - Engineer and Project Manager in charge of the two IMOCA monohulls explains ....


"In terms of their exteriors, besides their decoration, it would be tricky to notice any difference between the two boats, excepting the positions of the foils, steering chair and ballasts air vents. Inside, however, the layouts are pretty different in the central zone because of the position of the foils casing. This also influenced the watertight keel bulkheads."

Welcoming guests

Because of the nature of competition, the time during boats such as these are built is usually characterized by secrecy. For St Michel-Virbac it was different, however. J-P Dick and his team viewed the building process as an opportunity to invite guests to discover exactly how much lies behind the birth of a racing boat and used it as an incentive program for both main sponsors.

As such, more than 200 guests visited the yard, including Erik Orsenna, the noted academic who is passionate about human adventure, extreme sport and sailing.

"Of course, we need to keep some confidentiality around the building process. Nevertheless Multiplast knows that, especially in terms of sponsors, it is essential that our client can communicate at the earliest possible stage about their project. Our teams are used to that - indeed, they embrace it - and Multiplast also prides itself on being actively involved." Jean-Pierre Dick was also satisfied by this positive experience during the building : "We had a good understanding, a  high-quality construction. The yard fully met our expectations. I would like to thank the Multiplast team for its involvement and its expertise that has helped us to keep our focus on building thoroughness despite a tight schedule. I'm proud of the work done."


SMV Sortie du chantier multiplast
Just minutes before the launching of St Michel-Virbac


And Now ...

While the teams are just about to embark on their Vendée Globe program with the launch and public event on the 6th of novembre 2016, for Multiplast it is the end of the IMOCA cycle. However, Multiplast's engineers will accompany J-P Dick and his technicians during the measurements tests, static tests and sea trials.

Multiplast will very soon be moving onto new projects and new boats. Some may even have foils and more than one hull...


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St Michel-Virbac

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