vue general centre culturel spirituel multiplast Multiplast responsible for the manufacture of five domes atop the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Paris

More than a year ago, the internationally-renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, introduced his plans for the Russian Orthodox Cultural and Spiritual Centre in Paris, to be situated on the Quai Branly. Today, the project's designs are finalized and Multiplast - Groupe Carboman started to manufacture the toolings. 

Five domes

Jean-Michel Wilmotte's vision involves four buildings: a Cathedral with five domes, a cultural centre with a concert hall, an administrative building and a bilingual school. Multiplast won the tender offered by Bouygues Bâtiment Ile de France Construction Privée for the conception and the realisation of the Cathedral's five domes.                                                        

A first in France

Lightness, toughness, malleability, the possibility of shortening planning time for the fabrication... these are the main assets of working with composite materials. And the project is a case point.

vue aerienne centre culturel spirituel multiplast

Multiplast is to build the four peripheral domes, which will be 20ft high and 20ft in diameter. Multiplast has also been tasked with building the central dome, which will be 39ft high and 36ft in diameter. Multiplast, a specialist in composite materials studied several different case-studies in order to prepare for this commission.

Guillaume Kemlin, the engineer in charge of the project, explains how the project will unfold: "This large-scale civil engineering project is a first for Multiplast. The domes will be composed of several "petals" that will be joined together by bolting. The petals will be manufactured individually. In this way, the gold foil can be applied on each piece before assembly. For our client, this is especially cost-effective, certainly when compared to what the in-situ gilding that is unavoidable when using traditional metallic domes..."

The 5 domes' 20 petals chain of manufacture is currently being implemented. Today, Décision SA, a carboman group affiliate, is building  the toolings.

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Along with the blessing ceremony to mark the fitting of the crosses, the domes are due to be set in the first half of 2016.

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