Logo SQS 1 Multiplast obtains the ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications.

After a year of hard work, Multiplast is pleased to announce that has been awarded the ISO 9001 certification for its Industrial activities and the EN 9100 certification for its Aerospace and Defence and Spatial operations.


A request from major contractors

Myriam Akalay, Quality Manager at Multiplast explains why the company decided to pursue these accreditations : "First and most important, our major clients understandably made it clear to us that having the ISO 9100 certification was of real importance to them. The accreditation means that we are committed - across the company - to a certain standard, one that means that we always have our clients' interests at the forefront of what we do, that we are transparent as to how our processes work, how we operate and why, when they do, delays occur. However, we wished to go further and aim for the EN 9100 certification too.This has a focus on aerospace, defence and spatial activities, which are of course a priority in the terms of the company's strategic development. We're delighted that we were successful...               

Multiplast certification QualitWhat was particularly interesting about the process was the extent to which, in our quest for excellence, we had to constantly identify and act upon ways that we could improve the way that we work"

Each Multiplast department should be applauded because it is a real challenge to be awarded both certifications within the space of less than a year.

A logic of global investment

For Dominique Dubois, CEO of the Carboman group, striving for these certifications is a logical next step from the global investment that has been made in the company as a whole (Multiplast and Décision S.A.).

"For a few years now, we have been equipping ourselves with the means to become a major player in the field of conception, development and manufacturing of the parts and sub-assemblies in composite for aerospace industry. In this regard, we've already reinforced our Methods and Quality departments, invested in new means of production and recruited an industrial manager. With these certifications, we fell that, now, we have all the cards in our hands ..." 

The effects of the substantial work undertaken in order to be awarded these certifications will also cascade down over the company's others sectors, such as boat building or the luxury goods industry.


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