Lauching of Thomas Coville's Sodebo Ultim' trimaran

At the beginning of 2013, Géronimo, Olivier de Kersauson's old boat, which won the Trophée Jules Verne in 2004, entered a phase of modification in the Multiplast yard located in Vannes (Brittany).


After several months of intense work, the new Sodebo Ultim' has been launched this monday, the 19 th of May in front of the Multiplast boat yard.

Metamorphosis of a giant

In the Multiplast workshops, Géronimo has been turned into an  optimized trimaran able to be sailed singlehanded. First, the weight of the boat was reduced, then a 102 feet central hull was built and a new 115 feet mast was fitted. Furthermore, the beams had to be reinforced  to support the extra load coming from the new foils in the floats.


These floats were refitted with a new bow section in order to optimize the hydrodynamic characteristics. Finally, the entire steering system was reconfigured to accomodate three new rudders.
One of the originality of this project is the way the work was shared between the different players. Indeed, Multiplast took care of the main hull and the floats while Thomas Coville's Team worked on the beams, appendixes and all the deck hardware and the rigging.


sodebo-chantier-JM-LiotSodebo Ultim' in Multiplast boat yard during the refit - Image de JM Liot


A constructive meeting

It was therefore essential that both teams could work in synergy to complete successfully this unusual project. For each one the experience has been more than positive.

For Thomas Coville, Sodebo's skipper, the relationship with the yard was key to succeed in such a refit. "Some meetings have allowed this extraordinary project to emerge. Multiplast was certainly one of the main player in these meetings and  it has been very constructive."

For Dominique Dubois, CEO of  Multiplast, the human assets and the technical challenge of the project were key points in the operation."It's the second time, that the Multiplast yard undertakes this type of refit : to give a second life to an old racing boat; it's a complex operation where each decision, to either keep or  replace an existing piece, is the object of both financial and technical discussions and choices. The daily exchanges between the Sodebo team and the Multiplast yard were rich, fuitful and always cordial. Unlike a boat building contract for a new boat, a refit of such a scale requires real team integration, transparent communication and mutual trust. It's undeniably a beautiful adventure that we've lived together." 



On the starting line

With its 7136 sq ft of sails (maximum downwind sail area), Thomas Coville with Sodebo Ultim'  will cross the starting line for the next Route du Rhum which will  take place in  St-Malo on the  2nd of  November.

Sodedo Ultim' in numbers

Length : 102 ft
Width : 70 ft
Mast height : 115 ft
Mast chord : 4 ft
Air draft : 121 ft
Main sail area : 3046 sq ft
Upwind maximum sail area : 4779 sq ft


equipes-sodebo-et-multiplast1 Sodebo and Multiplast teams 


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