Gilles ollier MultiplastCode 01 : a second maxi-catamaran for The Race from Multiplast.

When we announced the construction of Code Zero last March, we reported the signature of an option for another catamaran also destined for The Race, Code 01. This turned last month (September 1999) into a firm order.
We reported last march, at the same time as the announcement of the signing of the order for a maxi-catamaran of 33 m, Code Zero, of the option for another catamaran, Code 01, also destined for The Race. This option has been confirmed and turned into a firm order signed last month (September 1999).The construction of the second multihull that uses the same tooling as the first, has already started in the moulds of Code Zero for a July 25th 2000 scheduled delivery, or 5 months before the start of The Race. This new catamaran is a perfect sister ship of Code Zero and will benefit from all the studies carried out since the beginning of the project. As for the sponsor and skipper, confidentiality also reigns until the end of 1999.


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