lancement-trimaran-vannesOlivier de Kersauson's trimaran is launched


Hanging from the end of an enormous crane, Olivier de Kersauson's new 34-metre trimaran hit the green waters of the Golfe du Morbihan (Britanny) thismorning July 22th, at 10.00 local time.
Standing next to the skipper "on a cloud", Gilles Ollier, the boat's builder watched with emotion as this giant of the seas came into contactwith water for the first time : "It's like a birth. You are seeing the trimaran outside of the build shed for the first time and discover her inthe light of day. It's a strong moment because the yard has breathed life into a new boat and a new story is just beginning".
Gilles Ollier feels all the freer for it but not stressed :

trimaran-lancement-multiplastThis boat is ofnoble birth. Everything ran smoothly between Olivier, the architects and the Multiplast team throughout the year of building. No major tensions, notechnical hitches, a true cohesion between all those involved which makes methink that this trimaran stands every chance in her future life as a recordhunter...".
As for the Multiplast's in-house project manager, Yann Pennfornis also expressed his satisfaction : "It's really nice. I'm pleased because inspite of the pressure we have been under over the past few weeks, we kept toschedule without making any compromise on quality". After a mad rush in thelast week, Philippe Cahue, the yard foreman was very moved by it all : "We're very tired as the last few days of a 12-month long adventure are nevereasy. All the more so, as we haven't let up since the first catamaran forThe Race in April 1999. This launch means so much. It's both a moment ofpleasure, tears and happiness. And there's also the pride in seeing a jobwell done."

Phase 2 : sea trials

construction-trimaran-olivier-de-kersauzonThe grey trimaran will be staying opposite the Multiplast yard for a fewdays for the finishing touches to be put to her fitting out. The mast has tobe stepped, sails put on board, and the deck gear finished off before shecan set sail. "Everything we have done up until now will be put to the testat sea. We'll still have one or two butterflies until the trials are over.But I'm confident. I'll be on board until around about 10th August," pointedout Yann Pennfornis. And Gilles Ollier concluded with : "the next movingmoment which lies ahead is the day we see the trimaran flying along at 35knots, her skipper at the helm with a huge satisfied smile on his face. Thatwill be even more emotional than the launch because Multiplast's objectiveis to see the boat working perfectly to the satisfaction of her crew".

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