geronimo-multiplastOlivier De Kersauson's trimaran. Trials conclusive!


Since launching last July 22nd in Vannes (France), Olivier de Kersauson's 34 metre trimaran designed by the duo Van Peteghem/Lauriot Prévost, has been busy on sea trials and
Multiplast has been present aboard on each outing represented by members of the design office. Their mission: to check and validate the quality of the workmanship performed by the yard; in some ways they rather fulfil the role [sic Olivier de Kersauson] of an aircraft's "black box". Yann Penfornis, project manager for the building of this trimaran within Multiplast takes stock after more than a month's sea trials. "The period right after the launching of a boat is always very important for a boatyard. Because it is at this very moment when the options

taken by the architects and their implementation by the yard can at last be confirmed. Methodically, everything is gone over in detail so that in the end the keys of the boat may be handed over to the owner in full knowledge of the facts. It also allows the yard to have an 'in situ' database, so that it may always answer any questions from those who sail the boat."

Check up

To date, for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young - Schneider Electric:
The static load trials on the dock, which consist in reproducing the maximum load that each piece of gear must take with the aid of a load cell, are finished. For instance, to test the resistance of the gennaker tack (the piece on which this sail is fixed on deck), we attach a halyard to this point and two strapping members of Olivier's crew tension it with the help of two big winches until they obtain a load of 10 tonnes. If the piece holds, it's ok.
The engine trials have been finished. The trimaran is fitted with a 240 hp Yanmar, with a folding three-blade propeller. There is also a bow thruster to help with docking. In addition, all the electrical systems (electronic controls, alternator charges, etc) have been validated.
The layout and arrangement of the deck fittings chosen by the architects Marc Van Peteghem and Vincent Lauriot-Prévost and Olivier have been validated except for reinforced padeye fixings. For this, the crew carried out every possible imaginable manœuvre on this boat.
Finally, last but not least, we have validated the behaviour of the mast with the different sail configurations. We have been able to test the boat with winds up to 33 knots true (55 KPH). Therefore really trying all combinations on all points of sailing. We have also taken advantage when sailing to validate the overall behaviour of the structure.

So far, all the tests carried out by Multiplast have been conclusive. The final contract jobs are finished. The transfer of title is for today, Friday 7th September, 14 months after the start of construction of this giant trimaran."

Next rendezvous: official naming ceremony on 29th September in Brest (France, Brittany)


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