depart-geronimoGeronimo is gone


Since her stop in winter 2002, Geronimo start again at the conquest of the Jules Verne Trophy and hope to beat maxi catamaran Orange.
The trimaran is currently in Brest (Atlantic/France), engine and shaft taken off, victuelling on board. Crew is waiting for a good weather window to start and trying to recapture the Jules Verne Trophy held by Orange (ex Innovation Explorer built by Multiplast), absolute record under sail around the world. Reference time : 64d, 8h, 37 min, 24s.
Kingfisher II (ex Orange), skippered by talentuous English women Ellen MacArthur, is arrived in Lorient (Atlanbtic/France), working place where the Kingfisher Team is preparing their own attempt on The Jules Verne Trophy. Start in a few weeks.


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