geronimo-dans-le-petit-tempsGeronimo on a straight route to the Equator !

At 3h00 UTC, Friday 28th February 2003, Geronimo was 1636 miles from the Equator (by 30°W). In the same time, Orange was 2120 miles from this same point.
Geronimo is sailing on a straight route to the Equator, on a North North-Easterly course in a zone of light breeze. The route to the Equator remains extremely difficult, even though Geronimo is showing, once again, outstanding performance for that kind of weather and sea.
Kingfisher 2 under jury rig ! At 22h40 GMT Sunday, 23nd February 2003, Kingfisher2 dismasted. The 39.5 metre carbon mast (built by Profil/JMV in Cherbourg) broke in two places. The reason for the dismasting is not known. Now Kingfisher2 is sailing a Northely course above the 50th parallel to reach the SW coast of Australia.

Club Med beaten !

Steve Fossett (USA) and his crew of 12 aboard the maxi-catamaran PlayStation broke the East - West TransAtlantic ('Christopher Columbus Route') sailing record by over a day. They arrived at the island of San Salvador (Bahamas) following their 229 hour 30 min coursing crossing from Cadiz, via Gran Canaria (The Canaries).


Record Club Med - Juin 2000 : 10 jours 14 heures 53 min 44 sec
Record Play Station – Février 2003 : 9 jours 13 heures 31 min 18 sec (sujet à ratification par le Wssrc)


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