Le-chantier-dintervention--LorientOrange II. Pit stop over...


Just 48 hours for Multiplast was all that was that needed to effect repairs to Orange II's crash box, still quayside in Lorient (Atlantic coast). On a 24/24 hour relay, the yard's teams worked in rotation to enable the maxi catamaran to set off again as quickly as possible...
Temperatures of between minus 3 and minus 4°C on Monday night meant that conditions weren't ideal for working with composites. But no matter, the Multiplast teams are well honed to these "commando" interventions after over 20 years that the yard has been building prototypes. Logistics manager, Patrick Cissé:


"since the damage was announced and Orange II has been back in France we haven't stopped, particularly since its arrival in Lorient. Every 8 hours, in groups of 8 to 10 people, we've done our 'watches' on the scaffolding and under the tents that we erected specially. That's all part of our work and the motivation is still there, particularly when Orange II's crew are clearly under pressure and are so spontaneously grateful..."
And yet the prototype team are not totally satisfied with their work as, in the time allocated, they haven't had the time to complete the finishing touches so as to reach Multiplast's usual standard of quality. Yann Penfornis, in charge of general coordination : "it's part of the company's culture never to let a creation leave the yard before it is perfect shape. Telling our teams that we're going to put the boat back in the water in 3 hours time whilst they're still tackling the painting didn't go down too well. But the boat is very well repaired and ready for another stab at the Trophée Jules Verne".
After this pitstop that has required over 400 hours of work, Orange II should be back at sea very soon. As we write, the boat's mast is being re-stepped...


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