Orange-II--mi-courseNew records for Multiplast

With Orange II sailing around the world for her second attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy, on the half way mark, Multiplast can register new time references on the RTW course.
Ushant – Cape Leeuwin
21d 13h 54'
Ex record: 25d 14h 08' / Cheyenne 2004
Equator - Cape Leeuwin
14j 11h

Good Hope - Cape Leeuwin
7d 05h 35'
Ex record : 7d 14h 30' 05" / Innovation Explorer 2001/Designed by Gilles Ollier Design Team & built by Multiplast

New rules
Wssrc, official council who register records under sails, has modified marks for Indian and Pacific oceans. Now :
Indian Ocean / From Needles Cape to South point of Tasmania
Pacific ocean / From South point of Tasmania to Cape Horn

Reference time for Orange II & Multiplast
Needles Cape / Tasmania : 9d 11h 03'
So a half RTW track in 24d 21h with more than 4 days ahead Cheyenne in 2004


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