Orange-II-attaque-sa-remonte-de-lAtlantique-SudPacific Express for Orange II

After Indian Ocean eaten in a little bit more than 9 days, Orange II hit an new Pacific Ocean record and pass off Cap Horn in 8 days and 18 hours since South end of Tasmania.
Maxi trimaran Orange II
(which is not the biggest of the world, Cheyenne is 38 meter long vs 37 for Orange II), continues to spin the stopwatches. Bruno Peyron : "...Boat is going very well and her speed is over polar curves registered last summer. I ma not really surprised by the dramatic potential of the boat, but I wasn't expecting to be able to use her and attack so much. Weather conditions allow us to use the boat between 90 to 100 % of her potential..."
No doubt about words of Orange II' skipper. At Cape Horn, the last important mark to round, times reference were explosive: Orange II has more than one week 2500 miles ahead Cheyenne

Start Ushant / Cape Horn
32d 13h 29' / 7j 02h 47' better than Cheyenne (11d 20h 18')
Indian Ocean (Needles Cape / South Tasmania)
9d 11h 03'
(first reference time on Wssrc new rules)
Pacific Ocean (South Tasmania / Cape Horn)
8j 18h 06'
(first reference time on Wssrc new rules)

and for memory
Cape of Good Hope / Cape Horn
18d 08h 08'
Previous record Innovation Explorer (Design Gilles Ollier Design Team & built by Multiplast), Loïc Peyron, 2001 : 21d 07h 05'

Cape Leeuwin / Cape Horn
10d 23h 35'
Previous record : Orange I Design Gilles Ollier Design Team & built by Multiplast), Bruno Peyron, 2002 : 12j 19h 30'


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