Generation-III--plus-rapide-qu-Orange-2Maxi catamaran. Third generation

After having taken the top three palces in The Race1 and then having beaten the word 24 hour record2 and the absolute round the world record3, the maxi catamarans desgined by the Gilles Ollier Design Team and built by the Multiplast shipyard have enabled the French team of architects and builders to accumulate a data base and body of experience which are unique in the world.
This is precisely what has spurred British yachtswoman Tracy Edwards, organiser of the Oryx Cup, to acquire Club Med. The fact that the boat won the Oryx Quest under her new name of Doha 2006 with fellow Brit

Brian Thomson at the helm has no doubt helped her in deciding to offer her partners to trust in the Gilles Ollier Design Team and Multiplast once again. An option had thus been taken on a third generation catamaran. However, Tracy Edwards recently informed Multiplast that she was unable to pursue this project for the time being.

Since this winter, the Gilles Ollier Design Team has continued to learn from its experience and imagine what the third generation might involve. Gilles Ollier : "...After a few months sailing for Club Med in 2000 or for Orange II in 2003, we knew exactly what improvements might immediately enhance the boats' performance, without making any concessions to reliability and manoeuvrability. After their successful passages around the world, a number of studies were carried out to determine the major options to be taken. Construction is possible to within a short deadline, something around 16-17 months. We have perfected our thinking still further and are currently in a position to build a catamaran whose performance capacity would be 8% greater than those of Orange II's generation. ".

1 Podium held by the 3 sistership catamarans to the 33 m (108 ft) Club Med (1), Innovation Explorer (2) and Team Adventure (3) / 2001
2 Maxi catamaran of 36.60 m (120 ft) Orange II / 706.2 miles / 2004
3 Maxi catamaran de 36.60 m (120 ft) Orange II / 50d 16h 20' 04" / 2005


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