Yann-Elies-avec-Gilles-Ollier--Yann-Penfornis-constructeurs-de-GeneraliMultiplast builds the 60' monohull Generali

With Generali for the French skipper Yann Elies – objective Vendée Globe 2008 – in the month of April this year, building will get underway at the Multiplast yard of the 60-foot high-tech Groupe Finot design monohull. Generali will be made of Nomex carbon sandwich, oven-cured just as all of the latest prototypes to have come out of the yard over the past few years.
Gilles Ollier, director of the Multiplast yard
: "... Multiplast is among the world's specialists in building boats designed to sail round the world. The yard's achievements and experience have meant that they have been able to gain a mass of information required to build reliable boats which perform well. Our ambition is to build the best boat possible so that Yann Elies has the best chance of being up there with the leaders...".

Le-monocoque-de-60-pieds--Generali-construit-par-MultiplastAffirmations and observations which were absolutely essential in choosing Multiplast to build the new steed. Yann Elies : "...Multiplast has put together a truly exceptional working tool, with a loyal team. They are always at the leading edge of ocean-racing construction. And last but not least, I don't know of any other yard in the world which has so much expertise to offer...".
One detail, Gilles Ollier started out his career as naval architect with Groupe Finot in 1970. This project gives us the chance to work together once again, all the more agreeable as Multiplast and Groupe Finot are now neighbours in Vannes. Jean-Marie Finot : "... Multiplast is able to work highly efficiently and with a great deal of rigour. Their technical infrastructures are ideal. Their experience means that we know we can count on their professionalism, their elaborate quality control methods which mean that if we overlook something, they will no doubt point it out...".

11 months of building

On 17th May, when the first plans will be delivered, the building itself will get underway. Firstly the plates have to be set up to make the hull plugs then the moulds. Hull and deck will be started in September. Hull assembly will take place in December. The first trimester of 2007 is reserved for fitting the hardware and systems for a launch in March. Yann Elies and his shore crew are in situ to be sure that there is a perfect symbiosis between the yard, the architects and the skipper.

Monohulls built by Multiplast

Class America F1 (1990), Class America Vile de Paris (1990), Class America 6e Sens (1999), Class America Areva 1 (2002), Class America Areva 2 ( 2002).



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