Exclusive-76Multiplast & the Gilles Ollier Design Team at the Cannes Boat Show

Depending of the production start of the ExclusivE 76, long-distance top of the range cruising catamaran created for the ExclusivE Marine company – for whom moulds are currently under construction in the shed of Vannes (France) - Multiplast and the Gilles Ollier Design Team are present on the Cannes International Boat Show with ExclusivE Marine, 13 to 18 September 2006 (Stand Riv 35).
Gilles Ollier: "...25-meter cruising catamaran Magic Cat we have created and built remains a reference. But we have not really showed our know-how and ideas in the cruising catamaran field. Following a meeting with Georges Benarroch and ExclusivE Marine, we have been able to do it.

Our common works and studies have allowed to create the first unit of their range, the ExclusivE 76, in using our enormous data base and the skill acquired in racing. That catamaran is a true sailing boat in her general concept, with a good ratio weight/power. She has great volumes for her length and is extremely comfortable. Finally, we have been able to follow the ExclusivE brief which implies a true separation between the passenger and the crew areas, with the better possible modularity...".

An approach

For the ExclusivE 76, the Gilles Ollier Design Team has used the same calculation tools and validation method than for all their boats. Depending on the ExclusivE design brief and a chosen displacement, the process enables to check whether the sampling selected is correctly dimensioned for the structures to be stiff and to optimise reliability. That method has also allowed to optimise the distribution of construction materials in strategic areas. It guarantees a mastered displacement. With the weight of structures optimised in this way, ExclusivE matches expectations as a real yacht, and can receive everything which makes a top of the range long-distance cruising yacht.

A build schedule 14 months long

Plan-de-PontPlan-de-voilureBuilt of moulds - needed to realise the ExclusivE 76 in small serie - has started in the Multiplast shed (France). That's the first phase. Then will begin the built of the boats at Kingcat / J Europe shipyard. The ExclusivE 76 is of vacuum sandwich composite construction with a PVC foam core for all the boat: hull, deck, pod flooring, fairing, beams and internal bulkheads. That to check displacement and insure performance. The cloth is pre-impregnated using the infusion process of vinylester resin. Taking into account the tooling and the actual building itself, the first ExclusivE 76 will take 14 months to build for the first unit.


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