Generali.-Coque-pont-assembles60' foot monohull Generali. Deck & hull assembled

Building got underway in May 2006 on the IMOCA 60' monohull for the French skipper Yann Elies. Multiplast is building the yacht for Elies' entry in the Vendée Globe 2008. Deck and hull have just been assembled in the yard in Vannes, in southern Brittany.
The major components of Generali's oven-cured Nomex / carbon epoxy sandwich construction are complete. All of the hull's interior structures have been fitted, including the bulwark rails and floor plates which are also made of prepreg. Yann Penfornis is Generali's project manager at Multiplast.


Le-monocoque-60-Imoca-Generali-de-Yann-EliesGenerali's hull remained in her mould as her structures were fitted which meant that we could carry out the work with extreme precision as the whole was perfectly stiff. The hull of the Groupe Finot design is up to our usual standard, measurement tolerances have been complied with to within a millimetre...". When referring to interior structures, this should be taken to mean fitting of the ballasts and keel bulkheads fitted around a template simulating the appendage.

March delivery

Although the major components have been finished, a lot of work still remains to be done. Composite parts still to be made include the rudders, the cap, the keel fin, the daggerboard housing, chain plates and the bowsprit. Afterwards, the hardware and engine will be fitted as Yann Elies' team will take charge of the accommodation and the onboard systems. Multiplast will have to assemble the keel bulb and fin before proceeding with the traction tests ashore on all of the fixture points. The boat will then be delivered to Lorient, west of Vannes, where her mast will be stepped.

An exemplary collaboration

Yann-Elies-et-le-parrain-de-son-bateau-Zinedine-ZidaneYann Penfornis: "... When we signed with Generali, we emphasised Yann Elies qualities and the fact that it was pleasant to work on a winning project. With Team Generali and Pierre-Emmanuel Herisse / boat manager, we have always had extremely constructive exchanges. They have always been able to handle difficulties relating to priorities inherent to building a prototype, the permanent quest for performance, whilst not losing sight of a high level of precision required. Yann Elies has proven to us here that above and beyond his qualities as top notch solo yachtsman, he has understood how to recruit an efficient and professional team....".
Pierre-Emmanuel Herisse: "... Since we have been with Multiplast, each and every day we have been comforted in our choice of yard. They really do make an incredible effort to maintain and improve high levels of quality and technicality in their unrivalled experience of composite construction. They make their presence felt and are always available in the management of the project, be it on a technical, financial level, or quite simply for a piece of advice... ".
Contractually, Multiplast is to take charge of sea trials for one month after the launch and before the boat is handed over to her owner.


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