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After a 43d and 38min trip from New-York to San Francisco via Cape Horn, maxi catamaran Gitana 13 skippered by Lionel Lemonchois, improve the Route de l'Or record of 14d 02h 43', after a 14 000 miles course. A new highlight for the Gilles Ollier Design Team & the Multiplast yard, designers and builder of that multihull.
In almost 30 years, more than 30 prototypes have gone out of the Briton shed (Vannes, Atlantic). They have sailed all over the world and trust quite all the major ocean records. Performance and reliability have again been highly demonstrated by Gitana 13 and her crew, who hang up a new Graal. Including the Route de l'Or, that 2000 built boat has more than 100 000 miles in her rake and quite 3 Round The World. First skippers was French Loïck Peyron

American Skip Novak during The Race 2000, who finished 2nd behind her sister ship Club Med. Thus, she will be helmed as Orange by French Bruno Peyron for a new victory in the Trophée Jules Verne in 2002. He will be after in Ellen MacArthur team for an other attempt on the Jules Verne Trophy, than in the Gitana Team in 2006.


Major modifications done on Gitana 13 have been the heightening of the forward crossbeam (30 cm), a new higher mast (plus 1.50 m) in order to be better in light airs. Forward sails have all been hoisted on furling systems with hook to improve manoeuvrability on such a race ; which allows a 10 people crew in comparison of usual one with 12/13.

A first going

None maxi cataman in a record configuration have, before Gitana 13, passed Cape Horn from East to West (against major winds) without stop. Waiting for the right time, even sometimes sailing on a reverse course, Lionel Lemonchois and his crew have shown grate know-how and a good seamanship to keep their machine right.As Clipper's captains at the beginning of the 20th century who sometimes must tack during weeks, Gitana 13 stays 5 days and a half on the leeward side of Terra del Fuego (with more than 65 knots of wind under wing mast only) before rounding the mythic cape. Lionel Lemonchois : "... Gitana 13 is not a brand new boat, but she is a good boat. We have done good improvement and we have not been disappointed...".


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