Premiers-bords-de-CIAO-GIANNIFirst sea trials for « CIAO GIANNI »

Jacky SETTON made no secret of his satisfaction at the first trials in the bay of Quiberon of his new boat built by MULTIPLAST. 10 knots upwind with the mainsail and solent in a wind of more than 20 knots. Good performance, sails well close to the wind, plenty of stability, and beyond all these qualities, what a pleasure it is to sail a yacht every bit as beautiful as she is simple to maneuver by a crew of one or two.Keel removed, mast unstepped, « CIAO GIANNI » is now loaded up on a truck, bound for Saint-Tropez where a team from MULTIPLAST will take care of getting her ready to sail again. The yacht will be fine-tuned and tweaked into top condition in the bay of Saint-Tropez before heading off to her home port. There is no doubt that « CIAO GIANNI » is a truly exceptional boat.


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