Nouveau-record-autour-du-monde-pour-MULTIPLAST-et-Groupama-3A 4th round-the-world record for MULTIPLAST, congratulations to the Groupama Team for this new victory.


By sailing round the world in under 50 days (48 days 7 hrs 44' 52"), a symbolic figure, the Groupama 3 Team has just achieved a stunning performance. The whole MULTIPLAST team is proud to have contributed to this trimaran and thanks the Groupama Team for this additional line to the company's record of achievements.

This new reference time is the consecration of an adventure that began back in December 2004, when the production of the Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost plan trimaran


launched. The fact that more than 5 years of work, training, perfection and three attempts were necessary to achieve this objective prove the difficulty of the Jules Verne Trophy, if this is still necessary. Following Commodore Explore, Orange 1 and Orange 2, for the 4th time, Groupama 3 brings the absolute record for this route to a boat produced by the MULTIPLAST boatyard.

Never abandoning

We hail this new victory all the more, because it magnificently demonstrates the success of this joint effort. Dominique DUBOIS, successor to Gilles OLLIER as the managing director of MULTIPLAST: "... I sincerely congratulate Franck Cammas' crew, but also the members of the technical team who never abandoned, particularly after the aborted attempt last autumn. Finally, a huge bravo to the sponsor, GROUPAMA, which has supported this team for 12 years, being there for the good moments, but also for the difficult ones. The determination of each and everyone with this joint goal in mind has really been the key to this success."
What makes this attempt interesting from a sports point of view is that it has been a succession of virtual cross manoeuvring from the start to the run up the north Atlantic and it was only in the latitude of Cape Verde, on the 43rd day, that Groupama 3 was able to take the advantage in a definite manner and fly forward to the finishing line.

New round-the-world record – Jules Verne trophy

Groupama 3 / 103 foot trimaran / Franck Cammas / Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost – MULTIPLAST / 48 days 7 hrs 44' 52".

Previous record

2005 / Orange 2 / 121 foot catamaran / Gilles Ollier Design Team–MULTIPLAST 50 days 16 hrs 20' 04"

The former holders of the crew-manned round-the-world record:

2004 / Cheyenne / Catamaran 125 pieds / Morrelli-Melvin – COOKSON / 58j 09h 32mn
2002 / Orange 1 / Catamaran 109 pieds / Gilles Ollier Design Team – MULTIPLAST / 64j 08h 37' 24"
1997 / Sport-Elec / Trimaran 85 pieds / Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost – CDK / 71j 14h 18' 08"
1994 / Enza New Zealand / Catamaran 89 pieds Irens – BOMBARDIER / 74j 22h 17' 22"
1993 / Commodore Explorer / Catamaran 85 pieds Ollier - MULTIPLAST / 79j 06h 15' 56"


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