geronimo-cap-horn-trophee-jules-verne-2003Geronimo at the Cape Horn !


Thursday 20th February 2003 - 19h.16'.13''GMT - Geronimo rounds Cape Horn and sets a new record time from Ushant to the mythical point. 
Olivier de Kersauzon improves Orange's time by one and a half days. Happy to leave the worst part of the course, Geronimo's skipper said : "The boat is absolutely as it should be. We've also had no injuries despite several impressive impacts and other exciting moments. Now, we just have to take advantage of this wonderful boat."
Record holders of the shortest passage to Cape Horn :
1. Geronimo – 40 days, 16 hours, 16 minutes, 04 seconds
2. Orange – 42 days, 02 hours, 52 minutes

3. Sport Elec – 46 days, 16 hours, 57 minutes
4. Enza – 48 days, 02 hours, 32 minutes
5. Commodore Explorer – 53 days, 06 hours, 42 minutes

Kingfisher 2 "hold on" !

kingfisher-dans-la-briseAs Geronimo rounds Cape Horn, Kingfisher 2 and her crew of 13 sail between Marion and the Kerguelen islands. Ellen Mac Arthur : "we're pleased that overall Geronimo is only a day and a half ahead of Orange... Many people said the record could be broken by days and days, and it's kind of reassuring to see that even Olivier is not ahead of Orange by miles and miles."




Club Med battu ?

Built by Multiplast shipyard and winner of the Race 2000/2001, Club Med might be beaten by Steve Fossett and his crew of 11 on the East to West transatlantic record ('Christopher Columbus Route'). On the way to the Bahamas from Cadiz (Spa) via Gran Canaria (The Canaries). PlayStation was more than 24 hours ahead of Club Med 2/3 of the way. Steve Fossett will have to cross the finish line by Tuesday 24 at 14h.44'.24''GMT to break Club Med's existing record.


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