A-340-600-reducteur-de-bruit-en-compositeAirbus tests noise-reducing technology on A340-600 development aircraft


Airbus's A340-600 development aircraft (F-WWCA) is flight testing technology to reduce noise inside airliner cabins.
The trial, dubbed "LINFaN" (low interior noise fan nozzle), is a collaborative programme that Airbus is undertaking with Rolls-Royce.
Airbus, which is leading the study, says it is part of "ongoing research and technology test work to further reduce noise inside the aircraft cabin".
A picture of the A340 shows that its No 3 R-R Trent 500 engine has been equipped with a modified chevron-shaped aft cowling, while the No 2 engine appears to have a shroud attached to its inlet.
Source : flightglobal.com - By Max Kingsley-Jones

simulateur-tigre-conception-multiplastMULTIPLAST delivers its eighth « Tigre » helicopter flight simulator


MULTIPLAST began by building two new « Tigre » helicopter simulators for THALES TRAINING SIMULATION.

MULTIPLAST began by building two new « Tigre » helicopter simulators for THALES TRAINING SIMULATION.
These carbon spheres 7.50 m across have been designed for use in the training of pilots at the Franco-German pilot training centre in Le Luc in the south of France.
The second stage in the construction of these six new simulators has just come to an end, making a total of eight for this site.
All of the spheres were delivered on time and the client is fully satisfied.


pieces-auto-en-compositePESCAROLO SPORT L.M.S. team title and pilot title for BOULLION-COLLARD

Multiplast manufactured the carbon bodies for the cars of the "Pescarolo Sport" stable for the 2006 season.
Their achievements speak for themselves:
ISTANBUL : Boullion - Collard 1st - SPA : Boullion - Collard 1st - 24 Heures du Mans : Collard - Comas - Minassian 5th - Loeb - Hélary - Montagny 2nd - DONINGTON : Boullion - Collard - André 1st - JARAMA : Boullion - Collard - André 1st
PESCAROLO SPORT's dominating prowess was confirmed by their taking the L.M.S. team championship title and the pilot's title for BOULLION – COLLARD with results which were consistently up with the leaders.


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