La-plus-grande-tuve-d-EuropeThe largest 200°C class curing oven in Europe received at MULTIPLAST


This week MULTIPLAST S.A.S. received the largest curing oven in Europe in the 200°C class. The exceptional size of this equipment, in this range of temperature (32.6 m long, 6.9 m wide and 4 m high, i.e. approximately 900m3) will enable MULTIPLAST to offer its customers vast possibilities in the manufacturing of "out-of-autoclave" polymerized parts.

200°C for high technology markets

jec-varsovieMULTIPLAST exhibits at the Journées Européennes du Composite (JEC composite show) in Paris and at the EWEC European Wind Energy Conference in Warsaw


MULTIPLAST will exhibit from 13 to 15 April 2010 in Paris, Porte de Versailles, within the framework of the Journées Européennes du Composite (JEC composite show). For the second year, the company will be present at this show that brings together French and international key players in the world of composite materials.
Dominique Dubois, President of MULTIPLAST S.A.S.: "... 6 months after taking on the management of MULTIPLAST, this show is an ideal opportunity to assert the company's intention of developing our business of composite parts for the use by manufacturers. The recent acquisition by MULTIPLAST

radiotelescoque-chiliThe first radio telescope cabins of the « ALMA » programme arrived on site in CHILI.


The « ALMA » radio telescope programme, headed up by European Southern Observatory (ESO) which got underway in spring of 2007, has just reached a new stage.
The first radio telescope cabins built by Multiplast under the aegis of THALES ALENIA SPACE have just arrived in CHILI.

  • The first one has been transported to the ATACAMA desert where it will be assembled at an altitude of 2000 metres before being installed at the observation site of CHAJNANTOR at an altitude of 5000 metres.
  • The second one has arrived in CHILI, and the third one is on its way.

Multiplast is continuing its production of 25 cabins at a rate of one cabin every six weeks.


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