Multiplast nouveau btimentMultiplast-Groupe Carboman inaugurates its new facilities devoted to the manufacture of parts for the aerospace industry.

After 11 months of hard work, Multiplast's new production hall was inaugurated on friday 14th of October.

This new building will be used to manufacture series parts for the aerospace, defence and space industries, as well as housing Multiplast teams, from management to engineering and R&D.



Set to become a leader...

This facility, into which nearly three million Euros has been invested, is the final touch in the process of Multiplast's evolution as a company that now is a player in the series parts market for aerospace and defence industries.

Dominique Dubois, CEO of Groupe Carboman, explains :" After the 2014 recruitment of an Executive Director for Groupe Carboman from the aerospace industry, having obtaining the ISO 9001 and EN 9100 certifications in 2015, and our acquisition of a new autoclave oven, the inauguration of this facility confirms our position within this important market and shows clients such as Thales, Airbus or Groupe Safran that we can respond to their demands. Without any doubt, this production hall will boost our development."


discours inauguration multiplast400 guests attended to the inauguration

180 employees

To mark the occasion, Groupe Carboman's 180 employees  (from Multiplast, Décision S.A., Plastinov and Plasteol) were brought together for the first time to attend the ribbon cutting ceremony, which was conducted by André Borschberg, CEO and pilot of Solar Impulse.

During his speech, the pilot emphasised the importance of agility for the Groupe carboman's companies so that they can effectively meet the challenges of tomorrow. Illustrating his point, he said :"It was inventors, not the candle manufacturers, who designed and developed the electric bulb; these are people who were able to think outside the box, who remained flexible and adaptable." It is precisely this state of mind that drives the Groupe Carboman companies today, as they seek continuous improvement in the field of composite materials.


Coupure ruban inauguration multiplast
David Robo, Mayor of Vannes, François Goulard, President of the departmental board of Morbihan,
André Borschberg, CEO and Pilot of Solar impulse and Dominique Dubois CEO of Groupe Carboman

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